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We believe in education

It's the single most important investment we can make in our future

We can make a difference

We can reach the most students by empowering all educational companies with powerful, interactive assessment.

We're geeks at heart

We love nothing more than the challenge of creating cutting-edge software.

Staff members

Meet the Team

  • Photo of Gavin Gavin Cooney Founder and CEO

    Gavin Cooney

    Founder and CEO


    Having taught at third-level himself, Gavin knows first hand just how difficult it is to keep students engaged and on track. Convinced that the rate of innovation in educational technology lags well behind that of other industries, he is passionate about making teachers’ lives easier by bringing innovation and best web practices to the education world.

    An energetic and enthusiastic evangelist, Gavin can be found at conferences around the world sharing the knowledge gained from working in this exciting area. Prior to founding Learnosity, Gavin worked with Mark on many state wide e-Learning and e-Assessment projects with the New South Wales Board of Studies.

  • Photo of Conor Conor Sheahan Non-Executive Chairman

    Conor Sheahan

    Non-Executive Chairman


    Conor is a well known business leader in both Ireland and the USA.

    His core specialities include business expansion and strategic operations. He joined the Learnosity team in 2010 and brings a unique and invaluable mix of skills and strengths to the senior team at Learnosity.

    A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Conor has 23 years business experience working as an Accountant, Investment Banker and Corporate Finance adviser and in the last 8 years as CFO and CEO based largely in North America.

  • Photo of Mark Mark Lynch Founder and CTO

    Mark Lynch

    Founder and CTO


    Mark is an engineer and an innate problem-solver with a love of learning new things. He has over a decade of experience in the field of e-Assessment and is responsible for the technical inception and development of Learnosity’s market leading solutions.

    His passion for simple, well-designed software that solves real problems for real people shapes the development culture at Learnosity. The Learnosity toolkit stems from that belief and is designed to empower developers, teachers and students alike.

    Prior to founding Learnosity, Mark collaborated on many state wide e-Learning and e-Assessment projects with the New South Wales Board of Studies in Australia.

    In his spare time, Mark enjoys volunteering at his local scouts den with his two kids Ryan and Annabel.

  • Photo of Jim Jim Ruddy Senior Vice President Business Development

    Jim Ruddy

    Senior Vice President Business Development


    A results-driven executive, Jim brings a wealth of business development experience to Learnosity.

    As SVP of Business Development at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Jim played a significant role in increasing HMH’s annual turnover to over $2B, making it one of the largest and most respected publishing houses in the USA.

    As well as Chief Revenue Officer at Riverdeep, Jim also held a variety of other high level executive roles including VP of Business Development and SVP of School Sales where he led sales teams of 250+ staff, spanning North and South America.

  • Photo of Ben Ben Powell Senior Vice President Business Development & Partnerships

    Ben Powell

    Senior Vice President Business Development & Partnerships

    United Kingdom

    A firm believer in the power of technology to transform education and energize the learning experience, Ben specializes in international business development.

    Prior to Learnosity he held a number of senior executive positions at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, including SVP of Corporate Development. Ben started at HMH during its inception as Riverdeep and was heavily involved in the multi billion USD acquisitions of Houghton Mifflin and Harcourt between 2006 and 2007.

    Ben is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and while he lives in London with his wife and two young children, he racks up the air miles traveling to the USA – one of Learnosity’s key markets.

  • Photo of Steven Steven Krum Vice President, Business Development

    Steven Krum

    Vice President, Business Development

    United States

    Believing that technology can improve and expand access to quality educational resources, Steven specializes in business development.

    Prior to joining the Learnosity team, Steven worked at Blackboard holding multiple positions; beginning with a technical focus as Senior Manager of Client Support, moving to a client focused role as Senior Solutions Engineer, and finally serving as a client advocate to Blackboard’s largest K12 customers as a Strategic Account Executive. With over 10 years of experience, Steven has extensive knowledge of the Learning Management System market.

    Steven is based out of Washington, DC and in his free time he enjoys living an active lifestyle with his wife and their daughter.

  • Photo of Dok Dok Ó Caoimh Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

    Dok Ó Caoimh

    Vice President, Strategy & Business Development


    Before joining Learnosity Dok was CEO at Binder, a mobile CRM startup. Prior to Binder, Dok's diverse experience includes signal processing for the Huygens descent probe to Saturn's moon Titan at the European Space Agency, algorithmic futures trading, management consulting and field sales operations.

    Dok brings a wealth of strategic, analytical and sales experience to the business development team.

    Dok is a keen sportsman and is the founder of the Los Angeles based Cougars Gaelic Football Club. He also serves on the board of the USGAA managing the national PR strategy.

  • Photo of Ben Ben Dawe Vice President Business Development

    Ben Dawe

    Vice President Business Development


    Ben has spent 25 years in the education sector with a career journey moving across teaching, sales, textbook writing, digital publishing and test development.

    Ben's most recent experience was at the Australian Council for Educational Research where he was General Manager, ACER Press. A firm believer in empirical practice, Ben sees in Learnosity the opportunity to empower leaders, instructors and learners with the data and feedback that accelerate learning. Ben enjoys family life, a good crime novel, a good walk and beach fishing in his recreational time.

  • Photo of Adam Adam Product Owner


    Product Owner


    Adam fell into the path of Learnosity late in 2014. He was brought aboard to utilize strong project management skills derived from education publishing, and a short interlude with a large enterprise web site.

    When not keeping projects rolling he can be found rummaging and transforming junk to useful things.

  • Photo of Adelina Adelina Research Analyst


    Research Analyst


    Adelina joined Learnosity in 2016 with an eclectic background in Anthropology, Writing and Editing, and Social Work. A lifelong student, her love for learning and education drew her to Learnosity's mission.

    Outside of work, Adelina is a creative writer, hoping to be a best-selling poet and novelist one day; a book hoarder; a beginning ballet dancer; and an enthusiast of all things supernatural and mysterious.

  • Photo of Alan Alan Director of Infrastructure


    Director of Infrastructure


    With a background in e-commerce and infrastructure Alan is responsible for our production systems around the globe.

    Before joining Learnosity Alan worked for many companies whose projects have been both successful and unsuccessful in their implementations. This gives him the experience to see clear paths to production for our products and implementations that work.

  • Photo of Andrew Andrew Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Andrew is a country boy who was somehow enticed by the rolling digital fields of web and technology despite a lack of immediately available infrastructure.

    When he isn't letting his mind wander or uniniquitously breaking applications, he's probably reading, writing or out amongst trees somewhere.

  • Photo of Andy Andy UI & Interaction Designer


    UI & Interaction Designer

    United Kingdom

    Having a keen interest for all things visual, Andy hit the Graphic Design road with an open mind and eagerness to create.

    Lately, his journey has taken a fork into the User Experience realm, seeking to create tailor made, user-centered design.

  • Photo of Binny Binny Web Developer


    Web Developer


    Binny has fallen in love with the world of tech and is on the quest to be a master coding wizard. He loves the power of technology to create solutions that look amazing and that people love. When he's not leveling up, he can be found chasing fish, eating delicious food or training to become the world's greatest table tennis chopper.

  • Photo of Cera Cera Senior Software Engineer


    Senior Software Engineer

    Cera is passionate about automation, testing, continuous integration and developer productivity.

    Outside of work, Cera reads about kernel development and political economy, builds hand-made analog synthesisers and works as a refugee activist.

  • Photo of Claire Claire Office Manager


    Office Manager


    Claire joined Learnosity May 2015 after spending almost 4 years travelling and working around our big blue planet. With 10 years experience in private adult education and language teaching organisations, Claire brings to our team a unique awareness of our clientele and authors.

    Claire is passionate about the environment and saving water and when she isn't orchestrating efficiency in the office, she can found hugging trees and spreading the word on recycling.

  • Photo of Clare Clare Head of Customer Success


    Head of Customer Success


    Clare came to Learnosity in May 2013 after 5 years experience working with An Garda Síochána providing administrative support to the senior officers in the force.

    With a love for technology and a strong interest in the education sector Clare provides daily support to clients using Learnosity Author while also assisting with the day to day running of the office.

    She loves to travel and plan her holidays and never sits in at the weekends.

  • Photo of Corey Corey Quality Assurance Engineer


    Quality Assurance Engineer


    Corey tinkers with puzzles and systems, to analyse how to break and reassemble them. He comes from backend development, and now specialises as a QA Engineer.

    He also goes forest walking with his dogs, builds and blows up virtual spacecraft, and is into improvisational theatre.

  • Photo of David David Business Development Engineer


    Business Development Engineer


    From Limerick, Ireland, David lived and worked in several cities around the world before recently returning to his native country. His diverse work history includes building skyscrapers, software engineering, banking and delivering mail to the Queen.

    From a mixed technical and business background, he believes the three central tenets of good software and business systems should be Simplicity, Automation, and Scale.

    David has a great love of start-ups and has co-founded several businesses. He is interested in all aspects of technology and can’t wait for self-driving cars!

  • Photo of Denis Denis Director of Product & Business Intelligence


    Director of Product & Operations


    Denis supports Learnosity's mission through technical & operational efforts in product, team and client management.

    His experience in Web Development, continued passion for technology and ability to look at the bigger picture are key to his efforts leading talented teams of engineers and creatives.

  • Photo of Dongsheng Dongsheng Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Dongsheng came to Learnosity with a background in eLearning technology, spent years developing various education platforms.

    Outside of work, Dongsheng enjoys good movies, hiking and bushwalking. Currently based in Sydney, he lived in Qingdao, China and Perth WA in the past.

  • Photo of Donncha Donncha Technical Lead


    Technical Lead


    Donncha came to Learnosity with a background in web and data, having previously worked for the Australian government on the My School project

    Since the tragic demise of Learnosity's fleet of RC choppers, he can now usually be found in the games room trying to level the foosball table.

  • Photo of Dmitry Dmitry Business Development Engineer


    Business Development Engineer


    Having left snowy Russian winters for sandy beaches of Australia, Dmitry joined Learnosity in 2015. He is dedicated ICT person with can-do attitude and solid experience within technical support operations.

    Dmitry is keen volleyball/tennis player, however his real passion is kite-surfing.

  • Photo of Eduard Eduard Quality Assurance Engineer


    Quality Assurance Engineer


    Eduard is a guy who worked in different industries as a software automation engineer using Java, .NET, JavaScript and other technologies.

    He likes to travel and used to live in Russia, Cyprus and Ireland before coming to Australia.

  • Photo of Emily Emily Authoring & Product Support


    Authoring & Product Support


    After completing a degree in Business and Arts Management, Emily became more and more interested in the world of tech and decided to undertake a course in Web Design and development.

    Hailing from the sunny south east, the land of the Blaa, Waterford, she moved to Ireland’s capital after living in Cork and Vancouver. In her spare time she can be found either on her bike, drinking coffee by the gallon or taking city trips just about anywhere.

  • Photo of Eoghan Eoghan Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Eoghan hails from Ireland where he studied Multimedia many moons ago before getting hooked on web application development and tech startup culture.

    In his spare time he enjoys keeping fit, languages, and awkward social situations in foreign countries.

  • Photo of Fergal Fergal Finance Manager


    Finance Manager


    Fergal manages all things money related at Learnosity. He is a qualified accountant and also holds an MBA.

    Prior to Learnosity he held senior roles in a number of sectors including Retail and Financial Services both in Ireland and abroad> He has lectured in both Dublin and Moscow and is also a qualified Mediator.

    Married with three young children, in his free time he coaches at his local Gaelic football club.

  • Photo of Gonzalo Gonzalo Business Development Engineer


    Business Development Engineer


    From Argentina, Gonzalo moved to Ireland in 2013 seeking new experiences and joined the Learnosity team in May 2015.

    A Systems Engineer with background in software development and agile methodologies.

    Traveller, curious and positive! In his spare time Gon plays the guitar and enjoys good music. He knows it's only rock and roll but he likes it!

  • Photo of Grace Grace Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Grace freshly landed in Sydney, coming from her homeland China. She joined Learnosity in June 2016 to bring her experience working with AngularJS and would like to learn more new technologies.

    Before that, she studied and worked in Sheffield and London in the UK. She loves travel and photography, dreams to travel all around the world with her camera.

  • Photo of Jack Jack Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Jack joined Learnosity in late 2014 bringing with him a love of web technology. He specializes in front-end but also likes to be involved in full-stack web project development.

    When not in the office he loves playing soccer and video games.

  • Photo of James James User Experience Designer


    User Experience Designer


    James is a designer, problem-solver and empathetic human being. He believes great design takes curiosity, energy, craft and communication.

    He loves to show people new possibilities, teaching consideration and intent, and gaining insights and new perspectives. In his spare time, James enjoys reading, writing, wandering through nature, cooking and meditation.

  • Photo of Jarrod Jarrod Senior Systems Engineer


    Senior Systems Engineer


    Having worked as a systems engineer in the Japanese countryside, Jarrod brings a unique set of experience to the Operations team at Learnosity.

    Jarrod loves Japanese boutique cafes, learning languages and using his linguistic skills to tell the most painful Dad jokes imaginable.

  • Photo of Jeff Jeff Senior Software Engineer


    Senior Software Engineer

    United States of America

    Jeff joined Learnosity to help advance the state of the art of question items and authoring and brings a wealth of experience in using compiler technology to analyse and synthesize linguistic and visual information.

    He is the co-designer of ActionScript 3 for Adobe Flash and served on the JavaScript standards committee of Ecma International from 1998 to 2008.

    When he is not thinking about programming, he is thinking about art, family and the meaning of life. His beautiful wife, three wonderful children and occasional trips to Paris give him plenty of food for thought.

  • Photo of John John Quality Assurance


    Quality Assurance


    Originally from the Philippines, John joined Learnosity in 2016 with a background in web and mobile app testing where he isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty with the nitty-gritty details. He’s looking to improve his development skills as well to hopefully build something really helpful to people in need.

    In his spare time, he enjoys watching horror movies, doing window shopping and experimenting with local ingredients to recreate his favourite dishes back home. He also dreams of having the perfect beach life in his own private tropical paradise someday.

  • Jordan Technical Support Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Jordan is dedicated to building great product experiences, from data design to UX to training and docs. He's a full stack developer, customer consultant and forensic troubleshooter.

    Out of the office, you'll find him making music, playing boardgames, and teaching school students to sail the open ocean.

  • Photo of Karol Karol Senior Software Engineer


    Senior Software Engineer


    If there is no ball around to kick, F1 race on TV or tennis racquet in his hands, Karol uses his experience in the area of web development to produce good quality code and deliver efficient solutions.

    He’s also a big fan of some new techy stuff, like WebGL, Canvas, Google Glasses or Leap Motion.

  • Photo of Kent Kent Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Kent joined Learnosity in 2016 with a strong background in digital marketing, web analytics and web development.

    When he isn't busy hacking away at his personal projects, he can be found enjoying video games or planning his next trip to Japan to find the best route for delicious restaurants to try next.

  • Photo of Kevin Kevin Lead Quality Assurance Engineer


    Quality Assurance Engineer


    With a strong QA background Kevin has a real passion for making our products the best they can be. He loves to get hands on with the technology he’s testing and is always looking to expand his Front-End Development skills.

    When not testing software, Kevin can be found testing craft-beers, watching sports and reminiscing about Ireland.

  • Photo of Kevin Kevin Business Development Engineer


    Business Development Engineer


    After having worked in support for 1.5 years and as a web developer for 2 years, Kevin was happy to find Learnosity, where he could use both skillsets as a Support Engineer. He can often be found hacking together projects in Javascript and Python in his spare time.

    Kevin grew up in Connecticut, but moved to New York City as soon as he could, and has lived there ever since. He drinks too much coffee, and admits to having terrible taste in music, but can't help himself.

  • Photo of kerem Kerem Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Kerem started in mid-2014, having spent the past several years working as a developer at the University of Sydney, Macquarie University, and at an agency. Although his passion is for the front-end, he also enjoys being across the full-stack.

    In his spare time, you can find him doing something music related; e.g. playing guitar, learning how to make electronic music, or at a gig.

  • Photo of Kirsteen Kirsteen Director of Delivery


    Director of Delivery


    Kirsteen originally hails from Scotland and joined Learnosity’s Sydney office in late-2014 after 3 years as a Project Manager for a large multimedia company in the UK. Whilst there she developed a real passion for Agile delivery which she has brought with her to Learnosity.

    Outside of the office, you're most likely to find Kirsteen writing, eating ice-cream and enjoying the Australian sunshine...whilst simultaneously reminiscing about the cold in her beloved homeland. She also enjoys skiing and SUP and is impressively bad at both.

  • Photo of Kit Kit Web Applications Support Engineer


    Web Applications Support Engineer


    Kit joined Learnosity to develop his skills as a Web Applications Support Engineer after spending some time working in Japan as a Technical Support Engineer.

    His passion for learning and high regard for education is in line with Learnosity's mission. Kit enjoys reading books and articles about science and technology, playing computer games, and playing Ultimate as his outdoor sport.

  • Photo of Klaus Klaus Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Klaus is such a boring, conventional guy that you neither want nor need to know anything about him.

    The only thing that makes him happy is if he can fix a bug or implement a new feature for Learnosity...just kidding, his family, good music and the new iPhone also make him happy.

  • Photo of Mark Mark Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Originally from the midlands in Ireland, Mark comes to Learnosity with an education background in both Business Information Systems and Electronic Commerce.

    Most of Mark's previous work experience is with Digital Agencies where he was predominantly a backend developer but in recent years he has been moving toward full stack development.

    He arrived in Australia in 2011 after a year travelling in south east Asia and New Zealand. When not putting his software engineer skills to use at Learnosity he can be found practicing Muay Thai, snowboarding, watching sport and travelling.

  • Photo of Matt Matt Assistant Accountant


    Assistant Accountant


    I am from Killyclogher in County Tyrone. I Graduated from the University of Ulster Jordanstown in 2011 with a Degree in Accounting. Currently studying for my final professional exams which I hope to complete by the end of the year.

    In my career to date I have had experience within Fund Administration, The Energy Sector and also sometime within Modular Construction industry.

    In my spare time I actively follow the fortunes of my county GAA team in League & Championship. I am also unfortunately a Newcastle United supporter and attend a few games a season.

  • Photo of Michael Michael Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    A native of the Blue Mountains, Michael is a full stack web developer who loves his job. His burning desire to learn new ways to make higher quality software faster keeps him up late at night.

    When he isn’t reading computer science text books or tinkering with the latest web technologies, he loves spending time with his family.

  • Photo of Michal Michal Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Michal joined Learnosity in July 2017. He graduated from University of New South Wales with a Bachelor in Computer Science and he is a full stack software developer, but is particularly interested in software architecture and designing large-scale systems.

    Outside of work, he enjoys playing tennis and table tennis, watching science fiction films and is passionate about solving environmental issues.

  • Photo of Michał Michał Quality Assurance Engineer


    Quality Assurance Engineer


    A combined knowledge of QA and software development lets Michał break stuff to bits and sometimes repair them. He's very keen on mobile technology and automation.

    In his free time he likes to exercise, ponder philosophy and learn anything, anytime, anywhere.

  • Photo of Michael Michael Director of Product & Engineering


    Director of Product & Engineering


    Michael has been with Learnosity from the very beginning and works closely with the engineers as a Development Manager.

    Still having trouble realising that there are only 24 hours in the day, Michael fills his spare time with music and photography and has a long-term goal to beat the rest of the Learnosity team at foosball.

  • Photo of Micheal Micheál Content Marketing Executive


    Content Marketing Executive


    A native of Tipperary, Micheál spent his early youth planning on becoming an artist before deciding that he liked writing better.

    He has previously written on everything from healthy living to children’s books, but now covers the burgeoning edtech sector with Learnosity.

    A running and reading enthusiast, he balances out these healthy pursuits with an unhealthy love of good coffee.

  • Photo of Mon Mon Interaction Designer


    Interaction Designer


    A designer by chance, Mon loves herself a good challenge. Whether it’s learning about technologies, finding new and improved ways to craft experiences or perhaps navigating her way through an unknown country. Being an Interaction Designer brings together her two favourite things, people and design.

    When she is not exploring the dark depths of the world wide web for answers (or adorable dog videos), you might find her at the gym, on a basketball court, out on a run or on the couch bingeing away her Netflix list and/or reading with a bowl of popcorn and red wine.

  • Photo of Neil Neil Director of Technical Sales & Support


    Director of Technical Sales & Support


    Neil joined Learnosity after 5 years working in the Telecoms Sector as a Proof Of Concept Engineer. He spent a lot of his time on customer sites, and passed his free time eating chicken feet in Taiwan, herbal intestine soup in Malaysia and kebabs in London.

    In his free time he loves to cook, eat, travel, watch rugby, and sometimes tries all four at once.

  • Photo of Niamh Niamh Product Training & Client Support


    Product Training & Client Support


    Niamh came out of college with a degree in Journalism and the realisation that maybe she didn’t quite have the nose for a good news story. She completed a postgrad in IT, and joined Learnosity shortly after.

    She has a conflicting love of both food and fitness, and maintains a (not so) secret online shopping addiction.

  • Photo of Nicolas Nicolas Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Born and raised in the kingdom of beer and chocolate, Nicolas, a passionate of music, football and plant-based meals, decided to go abroad and live new experiences, for 5 years in Argentina and now in Australia.

    Holder of a bachelor degree in computer graphics, throughout the years Nicolas discovered himself a passion for coding, from old actionscript 2 to javascript 2015.

  • Photo of Olivier Olivier Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Olivier has a background in systems and network. Prior to joining the Real World, he was an academic researcher in two countries, and learnt a lot about how little he knows.

    In his spare time, he prepares to rebuild society from scratch, particularly beer and anything programmable.

  • Photo of Peter Peter Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Peter joined Learnosity May 2015. He is a highly experience Backend Engineer with 10+ years experience in the industry. He brings to our team great knowledge and experience in the areas of API integration, payment integration and pre-ordering services.

    Peter, the original coffee lover, is a fan of dangling off rock walls and can often be found rock-climbing and hiking in his free time.

  • Photo of Phil Phil Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    After graduating, Phil spent 2.5 years as a Web Developer at an Investment Bank in London, and moved over to Australia in May 2016 to experience life upside down.

    He is an avid photographer so outside of work likes to be out taking photos. But if he can’t, he can be found lifting weights, or expending zero effort relaxing at home.

  • Photo of Pierre Pierre Technical Lead


    Technical Lead


    Pierre is passionate about web technology. He focuses on front end engineering, web performance and front end architecture. He does his best to stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations in technology so that he can meet challenges with tools well suited to the job at hand.

    When Pierre isn't busy paragliding, he's usually watching a movie, enjoying local craft beers or skiing.

    Prior to being Sydney-based, he lived, worked and studied in Switzerland, Helsinki and Perth.

  • Photo of Rachel Rachel Marketing & Comms


    Marketing & Comms


    Rachel started her career with Learnosity in the original Drogheda office. She then spent the best part of two years as the token non-developer (and girl) in the Sydney office.

    She returned to Ireland in March 2013 and works in a business development capacity.

    A wanna-be polyglot, she loves learning new languages and is currently tackling Mandarin . Despite an obvious lack of co-ordination, she also harbours a secret dream of being a ballet dancer.

  • Photo of Rich Rich Support & Sales Engineer


    Support & Sales Engineer

    United States of America

    A developer at heart, Rich has spent nearly two decades coding distance learning apps and serving in higher education roles from student to textbook author to teacher. Inspired by his two young daughters, he joined Learnosity in part because he saw a chance to help improve the K-12 learning experience and "build a better mouse trap."

    When he's not looking after clients, he teaches in the MFA Computer Art Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and enjoys film and music.

  • Photo of Ryan Ryan Business Development


    Business Development

    United States of America

    Ryan is an avid-learner that can talk to you for hours on end about mostly anything.

    Prior to working at Learnosity, Ryan worked in several sectors ranging from energy to investment management. He graduated from the University of Oxford and The University of Edinburgh.

    In his spare time, Ryan’s life sits in between Steve Urkel and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

  • Photo of Samir Sam Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Sam loves making things look cool. If he's not building web crawlers, he's on the never ending journey of one day owning a 3 letter domain name, or strategically avoiding spoilers to all the TV shows he watches.
    He prides himself on his vast collection of dragon ball figurines and will one day own every figure ever created.

  • Photo of Saoirse Saoirse Marketing & Comms


    Marketing Exec


    Prior to joining Learnosity Saoirse worked in the hotel industry as a Marketing & Sales Coordinator. A passion for education and providing excellent learning opportunities has rubbed off on her from her sister, who is a primary school teacher.

    She loves cooking, music, playing tennis, and sailing with her adventurous Dad when possible. Saoirse also enjoys trying her very best at playing golf (but is yet to succeed on this front!).

  • Photo of Sebastian Sebastian Director of Architecture


    Director of Architecture


    Sebastian is a Uruguayan Software Engineer with over 8 years experience on web application development across the full-stack.

    He moved to Australia in 2009 and joined Learnosity in late 2010 to kickstart the project that has become the Questions API.

    An avid movie goer, in his spare time, Sebastian also enjoys travel, live music and photography.

  • Photo of Stella Stella Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Stella joined Learnosity at mid 2014 having previously worked as a software developer for 1.5 years. Her goal in life would be to be on the cover of Forbes magazine.

    An avid green tea lover, in her spare time, she also enjoys online shopping and relaxing at home.

  • Photo of Tim Tim Business Development


    Business Development

    United States of America

    Born and raised in sunny California, USA, Tim taught English overseas and worked in film and TV before joining Learnosity.

    In his free time, Tim is an avid moviegoer, MMA enthusiast, and all-around laid-back dude.

  • Photo of Tin Tin Software Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Trungtin joined Learnosity in 2015, bringing a mixed bag of experiences in web and mobile app development. His dream is to keep learning and discovering in pursuit of becoming a better IT professional, and to use his skills for the benefit of society, especially for those most in need.

    An avid guitar player, Trungtin spends his days jamming away with his musical toys when he is not busy hacking away at one of many pet projects.

  • Photo of Tyler Tyler Software Engineer


    Software Engineer

    United States of America

    Tyler came to Learnosity from the deserts of Arizona to continue his adventures in front-end development closer to the ocean.

    While keeping up with the world of technology is his first passion, playing games (of the video and board varieties), exploring the world, and eating good food all come in at a close second!

  • Photo of Vikram Vikram Technical Business Analyst / PO


    Technical Business Analyst / PO


    A digital technology enthusiast with a passion for driving innovation and bringing an unmatchable consumer experience to customers, especially in the EduTech world.

    An avid traveler and a motorcyclist, Vikram loves cross-country motorcycle touring. When not at work, he dreams of touring the Australian outback. Currently content practicing his skills on the MTB.

Our mission is to deliver on the promise of technology in education by providing the best assessments to students worldwide. We are passionate about bringing industry best standards to the world of education and have won many awards for our work.

Our offices are in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Dublin and we have local representation in the UK.