Advanced Assessment

Inline Question Delivery

Embed individual questions anywhere within your digital product.

Fully Customizable Assessments

Deliver your content with a design that suits your branding and audience - the only limit is your imagination.

How it works...

Take a look at how we’ve styled up an assessment for two different audiences.

Whether it’s kindergarten, higher education or corporate learning, Learnosity makes it simple to produce completely unique assessment experiences suitable for all ages and sectors.

Primary School

Grade 4 to 6 Assess Demo

Branded assessment on Natural Gases.

Grade 4 – 6.

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Corporate Learning

Corporate Learning Assess Demo

Customized staff training exercise.

All staff levels.

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Adaptive Testing

Offer a more personalized testing experience with computerized adaptive testing.

Item Adaptive

In an Item Adaptive activity Items are dynamically selected one by one. The student’s response to the first Item dictates the second Item which will be served etc.

This means that the difficulty of each item is adapted to the estimated ability of the user in real time .

Accessibility Tools & Test Accommodations

All students have the right to a great educational experience

As educational technologists we have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure that our products are accessible to the widest range of people possible.

Accessibilty is a key component of our product development cycle and considerations such as use of color, keyboard navigation as well as support for screenreaders and other assistive devices take top priority during development.

We currently comply with Level AA of the W3C standards of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

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Everything you need to guarantee a secure, reliable assessment experience.

Offline Delivery

Extend the benefits of online assessment to students with limited connectivity. Download the test when connected, take the test offline and get the results when reconnected.

Scalable & Proven

Successfully delivering millions of assessments across the world. Trusted by educational and assessment organizations globally.

Cross Device & Platform

Deliver high quality assessments to any device - laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, OSX, Windows.

Portable Standards Based TEIs

You're never locked in with Learnosity - we make it easy to get your content in or out.