Simple, Slick Authoring

Advanced Math and Chemistry

Rule-based automated grading for Math and Chemistry.


Revolutionizes Math scoring by evaluating any given answer based on its mathematically accuracy rather than just the answer the author specifically entered. Allows your authors to ask a wide range of open ended Math questions.


Smart validation functionality for molecular, empirical and condensed structural formula. Can be used to test knowledge of atomic number, electron configuration and the chemical properties of elements.

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Spoken Response

Ask and answer as you would in real life - perfect for language learning.

  • Web, iOS & Android compatible
  • Highly scalable; handles thousands of simultaneous audio sessions with ease
  • Designed for low bandwidth areas
  • Easy integration with 3rd party automated marking platforms

60+ Technology Enhanced Item Types

Don't just check the box

Multiple Choice
  1. Multiple Choice
  2. Multiple Choice - multiselect
  3. Choice Matrix
  1. Number Line Association
  2. Number Line Plot
  3. Number Line Stacked
  4. Plot Points
  5. Plot Lines
  6. Plot Circles
  7. Plot Parabola
  8. Plot Polygon
  9. Plot Segments
  10. Plot Rays
  11. Plot Vectors
  12. Plot Sine/CoSine
  1. Bar Chart
  2. Line Chart
  3. Histogram
  4. Dot Plot
  5. Line Plot
Fill in the Blanks & Labelling
  1. Cloze Text
  2. Cloze Drop Down
  3. Cloze Drag & Drop
  4. Cloze Text Expanding
  5. Label Image
  6. Label Image Drop Down
  7. Label Image Drag & Drop
  8. Image Upload & Annotate
Classify, Match & Order
  1. Order Buttons
  2. Order Paragraphs
  3. Order Words & Sentences
  4. Match List
  5. Sort List
  6. Classification
  1. Text Hotspot
  2. Shading
  3. Draw on Image
  4. Fill Shape (Circle)
  5. Fill Shape (Rectangle)
  6. Fill Shape (Grid)
  7. Image Hotspot
Written & Spoken
  1. Short Text
  2. Essay - Rich Text V2
  3. Long Text (Essay)
  4. Plain Text (Essay)
  5. Spoken Response
  6. File Upload
Math Formula
  1. Equations
  2. Expressions
  3. Inequalities
  4. Value & Tolerances
  5. Ratios
  6. Unit Comparison
  7. Matrices
  8. Math Essay (Show your work)
  9. Cloze Math
  10. Label an Image with Math
  11. Gridded Entry
  1. Formula
  2. Cloze Formula
  3. Chemistry Essay
  4. Image Cloze Chemistry

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Common Core and More

All the technology enhanced item types you'll find in the Common Core assessments and many more. We've replicated all the PARCC and Smarter Balanced Practice Tests using Learnosity.
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Custom Question Types

Gavin Cooney CEO

Need something very specific? Your development team can build a tailor-made question just for you and then you can author and deliver it via Learnosity just like all our other question types.

Rich multimedia features & student tools

Everything your students need for an engaging learning experience.

Audio Player

Mimic a live conversation by asking your student audio questions. Or just use an audio clip as a question stimulus.

Formula Input

Fully customizable onscreen keyboard which makes it easy for your students to input complex Math symbols that aren't found on a regular keyboard.

Protractor & Ruler

Accurately measure lines and angles on screen - just as you do on paper.

Scientific Calculator

There are two types of calculator to choose from: the basic calculator and the scientific calculator.


Create once. Use as many times as you like. This feature allows you to create a highlightable text passage that can be re-used across multiple Items.

Video Player

Play videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove or upload the videos directly to Learnosity.

Hints and Sample Answers

Give your students a helping hand when they need it.


Want to give your students a hand but don't want to give them the full answer straight away? Author one or two hints for the questions when you're creating them and your students can choose whether they need a hint or not.

Sample Answers

Worked solutions or sample answers can be displayed to students after their test is submitted so that they can see what an optimal answer looks like.

Test Construction

Creating and publishing tests has never been so easy.

  • Easily add & remove items
  • Preview the test on multiple screen sizes & devices
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Set the time for everyone or on a per student basis
  • Accessibility & test accommodation options
  • Admin panel options