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Opening up a world of potential.

Extensible by Design

We provide the foundations of any great assessment solution. What you build with it is totally up to you.

Easy Integration

Specifically designed to be quickly and easily embedded into third party platforms.

No Technical Debt

Remove legacy code from multiple systems and replace with a light-weight, constantly evolving SaaS offering.

Developer Resources

Tap into a world of services.

Demo Site

Check out our demo site where you can try out some of our services for yourself. You can even download the entire demo site to see how it will integrate with your technology stack or just browse the code directly on Github.


Developer Documentation

All you ever need to know about the Learnosity API suite is extensively documented on our developer site. Quick start guides, release logs, demos, FAQs and full code samples all included.

Developer Docs

You focus on what makes your product different

We'll do the rest.

24-7 live support from the people who built it

You can count on us!

Get support from the people who built it: we're here to ensure your Learnosity implementation is a success. This includes phone and email support as well as a designated tracking & ticketing system.

We have support teams in New York, Dublin and Sydney, meaning we're available almost 24 hours a day.

We decided to go with Learnosity after investigating numerous assessment options. A year later, we remain very confident we made the right choice. If you are building a new education product that requires assessment, or if you are rethinking your existing assessment technology, you should take a close look at Learnosity

Kevin Polk, CEO