Enhance any learning solution

Learnosity powers your learning platform with robust, scalable assessment tools that embed wherever you need them.

Proven scale

Powering 46 million tests each month, and 24 million users each year.

Versatile authoring

Managing over 3 million customer items, from math to law to language arts.

Kickstart your development

Robust assessment for desktop, tablet and mobile, with WYSIWYG authoring and integrated reporting.

Customize your solution

Configurable components can be styled and extended how you want with JavaScript and CSS.

Question types

Learnosity's question types are powerful, flexible and easy to author. We go beyond the humble MCQ, delivering a full suite of math, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, visual questions, audio, and other interactive question types. Author engaging learning content with 60+ beautifully interactive TEIs. Try them for yourself!

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Scoring and feedback

Deliver instant results and detailed feedback using our powerful rule based scoring engine. We automatically score every response we can, from math equations to visual questions, EBSR items to graph plots. We also support manual scoring and overrides, hints, sample answers and more.

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Powerful interactive assessment

Leverage our tried and true assessment platform with proven scalability, seamless save and resume, and robust fallbacks. Use our customizable assess player, or embed assessment content anywhere into your applications.

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Item banks and authoring

Our elegant eAuthoring tools let you build the content workflow that suits you. Store your own items, or manage your item bank with Learnosity's item banking software.

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Analytics and reporting

Our embeddable analytics tools fit into your platform to deliver rich feedback and insights, without burdening your infrastructure. Our analytics engine crunches hundreds of thousands of results to provide the data you need wherever you need it.

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Customization and white label

Learnosity is designed with customization in mind. From K12 to tertiary and corporate training, you can rewire and restyle our components to fit your content, your product and your way of working.

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Accessible, scalable, secure

We're serious about accessible assessment that works anytime, anywhere, and scales up to millions of users. Learn more about the benefits of our open platform.

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