Activity editor

Our Activity editor is ready-made for grouping Items from your Learnosity Item bank into publishable learning Activities. Simply create your Activity, search for your Items and see a live preview of the student experience.

activity editor

Find Items

Choosing the right Item for your Activity is a simple matter of search and select. Search your Learnosity Item bank by name, content or tag, and see an inline preview for each result to quickly find the Items you need.

activity editor search image

Drag-drop and preview

Control how students will see your Activity. Use simple drag and drop to order the Items how you want, and use the live preview at any point to see the assessment in action.

activity editor drag and drop

Customize and configure

Like all our tools, the Activity editor is just one configurable piece in your Learnosity-powered authoring platform. If you need a seamless publishing workflow or a content creation wizard, our embeddable components slot right in to make your project fast and easy.

activity editor preview

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