Question Types

Audio and Voice

Learnosity provides you the flexbility and freedom to enhance questions with audio the way you want to. This means you can:

  • Create a question comprised either totally, or partially, of audio: embed audio in the stimulus, in response options, within a passage of text, or within an image.
  • Control the overall audio experience using our dedicated Item Events Builder - configure autoplay, and other action based functionality.
  • Easily capture a spoken student response for assessment, and teacher recordings for student feedback.
  • Seamlessly integrate our audio recording functionality with 3rd party audio analysis tools.

Interactive demos

Audio in a Question

Embed audio into any of the Learnosity questions as and when you need it! Click the text or images to hear audio.

Audio Actions

Take advantage of autoplay and action based behavior, to help students understand the question better! In this example we stop the student interacting with the question until they've listened to all instructions.

Audio Recording

Our Audio recording functionality is simple, easy to use, and designed to be resilient to low-bandwidth situations.

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