Question Types

Calculators, protractors, and tools

Seamlessly embed our image and media tools alongside any Question to enhance the student experience. Drag and drop a protractor to calculate the angle of a shape, or play a video while reading a passage of text.

Choose between the basic calculator, for simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division...

Basic calculator

Hint The square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides

...or the scientific calculator, for more complex expressions.

Scientific calculator

Hint Use the scientific calculator for assistance.

Protractors & rulers

The protractor and ruler are interactive; the student can move or rotate them around the page using simple drag and drop to aid in calculating measurements.

Protractors & rulers

Use a ruler or protractor to answer the following questions:

Image tool

The image tool feature can create an interactive draggable learning tool from any image you upload.

Use the grid to find the area of the following shapes.

Grid tool

1 square = 1cm²

Video & audio

Enrich your content with live audio, and embed video content from YouTube, Vimeo, or Brightcove - or upload your own video directly from Learnosity's authoring tools.

Video player

Audio player

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