Question Types

Text and essays

Use our text based questions to capture written responses simply and reliably. Limit to plaintext only, or configure the specific rich text controls available for the student. Our full autoscoring rules apply for short answer questions too, so you can define primary and secondary answers, alternative spellings, and award partial points, all within our elegant WYSIWYG editor.

  • Fully responsive on mobile and tablet.
  • Configurable rich text palette.
  • Configure word limit, spellcheck, special character palettes, and more.
  • Attach sample answers and metadata to your question for use during marking.

Interactive demos

Short text response

Hint Variants on “John F. Kennedy International Airport” get one point, variants on “La Guardia” or “Newark” gets half a point.

This short text question supports multiple correct answers with individual scores.

Long text answer with basic formatting

Customizable formatting options (bold, italics, underline, bullets, subscript, superscript). Word limit & word count.

Plain text answer, with copy, cut & paste

Optional, configurable, special character palette.

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