Question Types


The interactive Graphing and Number Line Questions provide an easy way to author Geometric Math, with non complex methods of drawing and labelling for the student.

  • Graphing: Customise the graph to suit the needs of the question; show or hide certain elements, plot points, lines, or shapes, and label them for the student as needed. The student submits their response on the graph, with a couple of clicks.
  • Number Line: Like with Graphing, the Author can customise the size and points on the Number Line to suit the needs of the question. As a response, the student can drag or drop values to the line, or plot inequalities on the line, where required.

Interactive demos

Number Line (Association)

Easily plot and show points on a number line…

Number Line (Plot)

…with configurable thresholds, for auto-grading, snap-to points, etc.

Plot Points

The start of an incredibly powerful suite of Math graphing stimulus & question types

  • Configure every element
  • Set X & Y axis range
  • Set tick, label, and grid intervals
Plot Lines
  • Plot any two points to draw a line
  • Move either point or whole line
  • Snap to grid, tick, or interval
  • Show or hide co-ordinates as you move a point
Plot Circles
  • Plot circles with just two clicks!
  • Replay all actions later to show the workings of the student
Plot Parabola
  • Works beautifully on an iPad or any touch screen device
  • Plot Parabola simply and easily…
Plot Polygon

…alongside polygons, and author-defined background shapes

Plot Segments

Plot any two points to draw a finite section of a line

Authors can limit students to one tool type or take advantage of all our types at once!

Plot Vectors

Create advanced Vector questions for students

Plot Rays

Plot a ray starting at one point, extending on infinitely!

Plot Sine

Draw Sine or Cosine graphs with two clicks!

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