Scoring and Feedback

Hints, distractors and sample answers

Multiple types of feedback can be very beneficial to learners and instructors alike. Formative assessments are particularly effective when distractor rationale and/or optional hints are provided to the learner.

Authors can save text hints or basic HTML with their Learnosity questions to help students when they are shown the question. It's also possible to include instruction to review a specific area of the curriculum. All of these types of feedback can be mixed and matched in assessments to best suit your pedagogical needs.

This targeted feedback approach means that the learner gains an understanding of where they’ve missed the mark while receiving specific direction to facilitate further learning.

Interactive demos

Educators can display hints within assessments in order to assist students who are struggling with a particular topic or question. Press the Hint button at any time.


Distractor rationale can explain why selected distractors are appropriate responses or why their inclusion misled the student. In this case, distractor rationale is displayed upon validation, but only when an answer is wholly, or partially, incorrect. No additional explanation is provided for correct answers. Try answering this question and clicking the Check Answer button.

Distractor rationale

Other metadata, such as sample answers, can be helpful, too. For example, an instructor reviewing an assessment can be presented with one possible correct answer to assist in the manual scoring process. This image depicts a sample answer being displayed to the student.

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