Introduction to authoring

With Learnosity, your content is king. Manage your item bank, create your items, test them out, and make them look just right using our powerful suite of authoring products. Our intuitive author tools are flexible enough to give your professional authors the power they need, and your instructors the elegant content tools they want.

You can store your items with Learnosity's enterprise item bank, or use your own storage solution - the choice is yours.

Use our authoring platform...

The Author Site is your all-in-one authoring platform. Produce items from day one, build, configure and preview activities, tag, search and manage your content all with direct integration to Learnosity's assessment delivery tools.

...or build your own

We know that one authoring workflow doesn't work for everyone. That's why we also offer a set of flexible, embeddable content editing tools for creating, browsing and finding content in your Learnosity item bank. It's the best of both worlds - you can build a workflow that tightly integrates with your own portal, pre-fills your items and gets your authors straight to the places they use most, while we take care of item storage, audit trail, metadata, browsing and search.

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