Item Banks and Authoring

Item bank management

Is your item bank an asset or a burden? Learnosity manages millions of items in our enterprise item banking systems, ensuring a secure, searchable, browsable and performant experience for your users.

Our item bank comes with powerful features to get the most value from your assessment content.

Tagging and metadata

Categorize content how you like using flexible tagging and metadata, integrated with Reports API for detailed student feedback.

Searchable and browsable

High-performing search using item content, tags and metadata, questions types, configurable item categories and more.

Org, snapshot and user management

Use org hierarchies and item bank snapshots to ensure the right users see the right content at the right time.

Integrated audit trail

Trace the change history of items using our integrated audit trail, including a visual 'before and after' for each change..

Shared passage support

Re-use common content and avoid duplication. Easily find existing content relevant to new items.

Automatic CDN integration

Our global content delivery network (CDN) ensures your assessments load quickly and simultaneously for all users, across all locations.


Easily switch between Learnosity item format and QTI 2.1, and batch import/export your items any time.

Extensible platform

Start with the Learnosity Author Site, or tailor your own authoring work flow via Learnosity's open APIs.

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