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Math and formula

Learnosity math questions are backed by MathCore, our powerful engine that understands mathematical syntax and rules. This means that students can enter their response in a wide variety of forms and syntaxes and not be penalised for using different variable ordering, bracketing or spacing between elements.

This smart approach to scoring enables you to ask open ended math questions with many possible answers, and autoscore every response instantly. Authors can simply enter a representative answer, then quickly configure the parameters of an acceptable response and be confident that all equivalent responses will also be scored correctly.

The math keypad

Our quick and easy math keypad integrates beautifully wherever you enter math. Authors can use the full power of the keypad to enter math anywhere in any question, and configure which parts students should see to input their responses.

Tablet and mobile are covered, and it's fully customizable with your own symbols, panels, pages and styling too.

Interactive demos


Hint All of the following would be acceptable:

Complete the expression

Hint just remember, Energy is Mass times Velocity.


Hint Possible answers include:
\(3x+y\times y=x\left(2x\right)+y^2\)

Many kinds of math questions are supported, from Equations to Expressions.


Inequalities are automatically validated without requiring question authors to enter multiple valid responses.


Hint: The mean temperature is 87.7, rounded to one decimal place. This question has a tolerance of ± 0.2 degrees.

Set tolerances and rounding levels for calculated questions (even with variable scoring).


Hint 3:2 ratios such as 15:10, 3:2, and 30:20 are all acceptable.

Equivalent ratios are automatically calculated during validation. No need to simplify before entering a response!

Unit comparison

Hint \(0.005km\), \(500cm\), \(5000mm\) \(16.40ft\), \(196.8in\) would all be acceptable.

Full conversion between S.I. and Imperial units!


Hint Add the corresponding elements: \(\begin{bmatrix}9&7\\4&6\end{bmatrix}\)

And that powerful auto-scoring engine extends to all math concepts supported by our questions.

Math essay (show your work)

Encourage students to show their work by letting them write text and advanced mathematical formulas side by side.
This question type is subjective and cannot be auto-scored.

Fill in the blanks (math)

Have multiple Math equations (graded individually) within one question.

Label an image (with math)

Part 1: Use the protractor to calculate the angles.
Part 2: Determine the length of the hypotenuse.

Hint Angle values are: x = 50, y = 40, z = 90 degrees. Values can also have tolerances or be specified in formula format. The Hypotenuse value is 7.81 \(\pm0.01\) but \(\sqrt{5^2+6^2}\) will also be accepted!

Cloze fields added to an image can have math editor support

Features, such as a protractor image tool, can help students answer questions

Values and/or formulas can be used in validation

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