Question Types

Multiple choice (MCQ)

The multiple choice question (MCQ) allows you to select one or more correct answers from a number of potential answers. It's not our most complex question type, but it's one we've been mastering for many years now.

  • Full WYSIWYG editing with live preview.
  • Add rich text, images, LaTeX math content and HTML anywhere you like.
  • A host of layout options.
  • Fully responsive on mobile and tablet.
  • Support for option shuffling, multi-select and secondary answers, distractor notes and hints.

Interactive demos

The basic MCQ

Our first demo is a Multiple choice question because that's what everyone else does, but we do so much more.

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Block UI MCQ

We have lots of flexibility in just how you can layout your MCQs.

You can also limit a student to checking their answer once …

Multi-select MCQ

Or support multiple attempts.

Multiple responses are also supported.

Choice matrix

Our Choice matrix question can have multiple choice questions with shared responses, scored as a whole.

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