WYSIWYG editing

We release every question type with full-featured authoring support in our WYSIWYG question editor. The editor is the heart of Learnosity's own authoring tools, but you can embed it into your own applications as a customizable UI for editing and previewing all the Learnosity question types. The editor gives Authors the power to specify presentation options, detailed question behaviour, and sophisticated auto-scoring rules, all with live preview and undo/redo.

Additional features

  • Pre-configured question templates

    Easily create your most common types of questions with consistent defaults and settings.

  • Customizable UI

    Show and hide specific settings for each question type to create a simple, efficient authoring experience appropriate to your users.

  • Open and embeddable

    Use our public JavaScript API to add editing superpowers anywhere in your own authoring platform. Deep customization and integrated authoring that fits exactly where you need it to go.

Learnosity question editor demo
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