Don't just check the box

Learnosity support an extensive and ever-expanding list of technology-enhanced item types, an example of each is shown below.

Multiple Choice

Which of these colours has the smallest wavelength?

Our first demo is a Multiple Choice Question because that's what everyone else does, but we do so much more.

Keep scrolling down…

Block Style

Which of these colours has the smallest wavelength?

We have lots of flexibility in just how you can layout your MCQ's.

You can also limit a student to checking their answer once …

Multi Select

Which of these cities are state capitals?

Or support multiple attempts.

Multiple responses are also supported.

Choice Matrix

Our Choice Matrix Question can have multiple choice questions with shared responses, scored as a whole.

Short Text

What is the busiest New York Airport?

Hint Variants on “John F. Kennedy International Airport” get one point, variants on “La Guardia” or “Newark” gets half a point.

Short objective questions

Multiple correct answers with individual scores

Long text answer with basic formatting

Briefly explain cellular mitosis.

Customizable formatting options (Bold, Italics, Underline, Bullets, Subscript, Superscript)

Word limit & word count

Plain text answer, with copy, cut & paste

Write a haiku poem in German.

Optional, configurable, special character palette.

Spoken response

Describe a typical day in your life.

Record student responses for teacher review!

Designed to be very resilient to low bandwidth situations

Cloze (fill in the blanks)

Complete the multiplication table below.

Lay out Cloze questions using HTML

Cloze (fill in the blanks) with drop down menus

Complete this opening from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

As above, lay out drop down questions using HTML

Cloze (fill in the blanks) with drag and drop

Complete the letter.

Any drag and drop element can be text, an image or Math Formula

Browser based Math rendering - renders Latex or MathML

No more creating images of math formula

Label an image (add text)

Name the states on the map

Response boxes can be added to images

Label positions can be easily adjusted

Label an image (with drop down menus)

Select the correct State names on the map.

Responses can also be added via drop down menus…

Label an image (with drag and drop)

Indicate whether each of the highlighted countries currently has a male or a female Head of State.

…or drag and drop

Order buttons

Sort these Beatles albums by release date (earliest first).

Reorder graphics, text, or a mix thereof

Order paragraphs

Rearrange the opening lines from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".

Drag and drop block level elements…

Order words or sentences within a paragraph

Rearrange the sentences from the opening of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

…or seamlessly reorder inline elements with drag and drop!

Match Lists

Match each element to its matching description.

Easily use HTML, images, or mathematical formulas in questions or answers!

Sort List

Sort these bands by the decades in which they were famous, starting with the 1950s.

Sort lists by:

  • Dragging elements
  • Clicking tile and arrows
  • Clicking tile and destination cell


Drag each triangle to the correct category.

Configure number of columns and rows and add both column and row headings

Score based on:
  • Each individual item
  • If each cell is correct
  • If whole table is correct

Text Hotspot

Select all the relevant sections in the text.

The author defines the text groupings for highlighting.

Options are: sentence, paragraph, word, custom.


Specify an area by adding or subtracting cells.

Both cell height and width are adjustable.

Shading (Click to Fill)

Add a background image to each cell or to the whole canvas.

Specify whether the validation is by count or by location.

Draw / highlight on a background image

Each brush stroke is recorded and can be replayed later to show the workings of the student.

Image Hotspot

Designate clickable areas on any image for completely customizable hot spot questions.


Hint All of the following would be acceptable:

Learnosity's Math question types have extremely powerful auto-grading capabilities

Complete the Expression

Hint Just remember, Energy is Mass times Velocity.


Hint Possible answers include:
\(3x+y\times y=x\left(2x\right)+y^2\)

Many kinds of math questions are supported, from Equations to Expressions.


Inequalities are automaticaly validated without requiring question authors to enter multiple valid responses.


Hint The mean temperature is 87.7, rounded to one decimal place. This question has a tolerance of ± 0.2 degrees.

With Learnosity it's possible to set tolerances and rounding levels for calculated questions (even with variable scoring!)


Hint 3:2 ratios such as 15:10, 3:2, and 30:20 are all acceptable.

Equivalent ratios are automatically calculated during validation. No need to simplify before entering a response!

Unit comparison

Hint \(0.005km\), \(500cm\), \(5000mm\) \(16.40ft\), \(196.8in\) would all be acceptable.

Full conversion between S.I. and Imperial units!


Hint Add the corresponding elements: \(\begin{bmatrix}9&7\\4&6\end{bmatrix}\)

And all of that powerful auto-grading engine is part of all of the Maths concepts that Learnosity supports!

Math essay (Show your work) (Draft)

Given a triangle 10 units wide and 5 units high, find the area of the triangle.

Encourage students to show their work by letting them write text and advanced mathematical formulas side by side!

Fill in the Blanks (Math) (Draft)

Have multiple Math equations (individually graded) within one question

Label an Image (with Math) (Draft)

Part 1: Use the protractor to calculate the angles.
Part 2: Determine the length of the hypotenuse.

Cloze fields added to an image can have math editor support.

Features, such as a protractor image tool, can help students answer questions

Values and/or formulas can be used in validation

Number Line (Association)

Hint We'll accept anything within 0.1 of the correct answer.

Easily plot and show points on a number line…

Number Line (Plot)

Hint Equality uses a solid point, inequality uses an open point or arrow

…with configurable thresholds, for auto-grading, snap-to points, etc.

Plot Points

Plot points at \((-3, 3)\) and \((3,-3)\).

The start of an incredibly powerful suite of Math graphing stimulus & question types

  • Configure every element
  • Set X & Y axis range
  • Set tick, label, and grid intervals

Plot Lines

Plot the line \( y = x + 1 \)

  • Plot any two points to draw a line
  • Move either point or whole line
  • Snap to grid, tick, or interval
  • Show or hide co-ordinates as you move a point

Plot Circles

  • Plot circles with just two clicks!
  • Replay all actions later to show the workings of the student

Plot Parabola

Hint You'll need to place two points on the Parabola, for example \(0, -3\) and \(1, -2\)

  • Works beautifully on an iPad or any touch screen device
  • Plot Parabola simply and easily…

Plot Polygon

…alongside polygons, and author-defined background shapes

Plot Segments

Plot any two points to draw a finite section of a line

Authors can limit students to one tool type or take advantage of all our types at once!

Plot Vectors

Create advanced Vector questions for students

Plot Rays

Graph a Ray originating at \((4,0)\) in the direction towards \((7,2)\)

Hint You'll need to use the Ray tool

Plot a ray starting at one point, extending on infinitely!

Plot Sine

Hint You'll need to place two points on the Sine wave. Remember, at \(0^\circ\), \(\sin(X)\) is \(0\), and at \(90^\circ\), \(\sin(X)\) is \(1\)

Draw Sine or Cosine graphs with two clicks!

Bar Chart

Hint You'll need to use the "Add Data" functionality to add the bar for 2012.

Intuitive, easy to use Charting questions, to suit all needs.

Whether you need Bar charts…

Line Chart

…or a quick line chart…


Hint Drag the "71-80" bar to 5

…or for continuous data sets, our Histogram will do what you need!

Dot Plot

Hint Hover over the dots and drag the elements to show 5 ones, 3 twos, and 2 threes.

or younger classes, dot plots may be ideal…

Line Plot

Hint Hover over the dots and drag the elements to show 5 ones, 3 twos, and 2 threes.

…or line plots will do the trick.

Chemistry Formula

HintMake sure you add "mol" to your answer: 0.411mol.

An extension of MathCore, Chemcore provides validation support for molecular notations and chemical formula such as:

The unit of mol...

Chemistry Cloze


… or elements from the periodic table.

Chemistry Essay

Make it simple for students to alternate between regular text and chemical notation when writing up experiments.

Label an Image (with chemical symbols)