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Security & privacy

Learnosity treats your data security and your student's privacy with the utmost importance. We do not share data across our customers for any reason.

Our security principles

Learnosity adheres to the following security principles:

1. We are entrusted with the data of our customers and their users. We do not own this data but will look after it as if it were our own.

2. We use best practice security including industry standard TLS encryption in transit and AES 256 encryption at rest.

3. Data is not shared - the data is only available to the customer who saved it, and we will not share this data with any other parties except if legally obliged to by a statutory body.

4. We may from time to time reprocess this data to allow more efficient storage or analysis.

5. We may process this data to provide insights for the benefit of our customers and their users. This will not mix or share data across customers.

6. We store data in an orphaned manner, meaning you control the mapping and context for the data.

Read our product security page for more info on Learnosity's security policy, FAQs and our commitment under the student privacy pledge.

Security at Learnosity

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